In PostProduction: Tomaro
Part of our crew on location in Lagos, Nigeria.

The world and their own government don’t recognize the talent and the power of Nigerian youth, but an educated class of young Nigerians are seeking change and their rightful place in the global society.

Vlog: The Post-Assessment

Teaching was always a challenge. Then came 2020: a pandemic, political implosions, and a reckoning with systematic racism. Here, two seasoned teachers invite colleagues to tell us like it is – and what they envision it could be. See our FB page.


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Art & Journalism are about shining a new light on the human experience to provoke conversations, change and new beginnings. Charles Mingus’ album, Tonight at Noon, the inspiration for our name, suggests an interplay of light and dark in both its title and sound.  Shadow and light are the obvious basis of photography, but the twist from “Noon” to “Dawn” is meant to suggest something beyond the lens.  

Tonight at Dawn Media was founded by Kimberly Cecchini, a filmmaker, journalist, & educator. Originally from the Atlantic Northeast, she is currently located in the Pacific Northwest.

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