Tonight at Noon

Tonight at Dawn.  It may not make sense at first glance, or even, perhaps at second glance and yet it perfectly illuminates this blog for yours truly.

Naming a blog is a more daunting task than you might expect. In fact, it is the stumbling block to initiating one because when you establish a Word Press account, it immediately demands that you brand it.  It is particularly difficult to choose a fitting name when your blog is more of a variety magazine than one that is devoted to a single subject such as yoga, teaching or model trains. This blog will be one part a journalistic portfolio, one part artistic outlet and one part reflection.

Alas, I found my muse sitting on my bookshelf; the Charles Mingus biography whose namesake was his 1961 album, Tonight at Noon.  The title track is a tightly woven Mingus tapestry; it slowly builds up anticipation from a darker space and richly layers upon itself with harmoniously contrasting sounds.  It is the orchestration I hope to create here through visuals and texts.

This blog will be the interplay of light and dark as Tonight at Noon suggests in both title and sound.  Shadow and light are the obvious basis of photography, but the twist of “Noon” to “Dawn” is meant to suggest something beyond the lens.  Journalism and art are both about shining a new light on the human experience to provoke conversations, change and new beginnings.

It is Tonight at Dawn.  Welcome.

4 thoughts on “Tonight at Noon

    1. Thanks, Rah Lik! You are so supportive and you’re my first comment! I’m excited to do this; especially as I get deeper into the subjects that are of most interest to me.

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