Virgin Fingerprints

Text by Kmberly Cecchini

New pharmaceuticals are researched.  And researched, until the FDA decides to be satisfied.  Once approved, they are touted as another notch in the belt of the medical world.  Then the drugs are sold unabashedly to patients with a laundry list of possible side effects; vomiting, drowsiness…cardiac arrest.

Hey, progress has its consequences.

So what about the progress of computing technologies?  Maybe because I did not have an email account until I enrolled in college, I’m a bit cautious about the next big thing.  But unlike my grandmother, whose house was wired for cable for the first time when rabbit ears finally fell off, I’m in the thick of the new media landscape.

Still, I tread cautiously.  I set up a Facebook account and then took it down.  I got into a habit of using my friends’ smart phones until I broke down and bought my own.  I downloaded the Facebook app.  And then deleted it.  Now I check it on my tablet and started a blog.

Yes, my relationship with technology wavers just a bit.  I resigned myself to the convenience of GPS, but won’t buy EZPass.  I may be getting more comfortable about the fact that Big Brother could be at my fingertips, but, hey I’m not going to make it that easy for him.

My latest question came with the IPhone 5S and the wisdom of using my fingerprint as my password. Typing the characters in every time I want to check a text or the weather is a nuisance. However, if someone cops my password, I can change it (at least 3 times until I actually remember it), but I can’t update the unique impression of my finger.

Should I save my virgin fingerprint for when the technology becomes more pervasive?  Will I regret unveiling it before it becomes my signature or unlocks my front door?

Where are the listings of possible side effects for our ever more ubiquitous technology?   In the post Snowden-era, these questions have been accepted more into the mainstream chatter, yet I still think that we are integrating and ingratiating ourselves into this enticing world without really knowing its consequences.

As far as my fingerprint deliberation goes, it dawned on me that the government already has mine catalogued with my professional certifications.  Is it really such a big deal to upload one fingerprint to the cloud for the reward of more convenience?  I suppose I still have 9 others.

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