Social Media

the mundane and profane updated with zest as if it were requisite upon arriving, consuming, departing… sneezing.   but instead of strutting down the feed i feel exposed until im replaced with news of beaches, yawning, and tagged photos of soup. Poem & Illustration by Kimberly Cecchini

Fade Past

Not much more than a rag doll she folds east, her molted braids sweep slowly on top of the shoulders of an oversized T.  on the steps to the avenue, she leans and tucks in locking onto me…expectantly. I scurry and fade past her thin eyes with my head bowed, to the early morning rush. … More Fade Past

Socially Impractical

Text by Kimberly Cecchini @tonightatdawn In the midst of a transaction, a White Castle cashier takes a customer’s $20 bill and stares intently at Andrew Jackson’s portrait. As if frozen, the employee continues to stare at it. And stares at it… …for five minutes. Besides the confused contortion of his features, the customer watches the … More Socially Impractical

artist interview: margeaux walter (part 1) analyzing everyday life through her lens

Margeaux Walter already has an extensive resume that includes a number of solo and group shows, honors, awards and artist residencies.  She is currently an MFA student at Hunter College in New York City. Contact:                                             … More artist interview: margeaux walter (part 1) analyzing everyday life through her lens

Arte Temporal en El Zócalo (Temporary Art)

Text & Photos by Kimberly Cecchini El Zócalo was almost deserted the first time we walked through it; densely populated Mexico City was strangely empty at it’s core despite the square’s fame as a meeting place since the time of the Aztecs. With the Baroque-styled National Palace and green Volkswagen Beetles circling around, Constitution Plaza … More Arte Temporal en El Zócalo (Temporary Art)