YIK YAK Paddy Whack!

By (Anonymous) Guest Author

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So there’s a new(er) app out called YIK YAK, which essentially works like a twitter account, with one small difference —the sender of the message is anonymous.

Using geo-fencing technology on your smartphones, the app works like a “virtual bulletin board” for any 1.5-mile radius, creating small pockets of communities. A couple of things to start off:

What the hell is the point of this thing?!

Anonymous tweeting in a designated area? That doesn’t open the door up for any form of faceless bullying to take place…now does it? (Well, it already has.)

Why would I want to post a message to a community of people, 90% of whom I do not know and will never know?

Does the town of ——— really need to know that “I took a sh– in the Iris Gardens last night” (at least the bowels of the village idiots are running satisfactorily), or “These ho– ain’t loyal” (apparently pimpin’ in “yakville”, just like the rest of the world, ain’t easy). These are actual yik yaks. I would cite them to avoid any plagiarism, but, of course, they are anonymous.

Defenders of the app will say that this was designed for college communities, and has been overrun by high schoolers and other juveniles with healthy excretory systems. To them I refer back to my talking points.

I enjoy social media like anyone else, and I don’t think I’m at that age yet where all these new-fangled devices are flying over my head, but this one seems totally pointless to me, especially in an age where cyber bullying is a large issue for teens. I mean, most of the bullying types weren’t afraid to gang up on a kid on Facebook or Twitter, where their identities were somewhat easily available. I’m sure that this is a territory that they would not dare cross into.

Parents and teachers, be aware.


Screenshot of a local Yik Yak feed.

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