Need Some VisualCandee?

VisualCandee Design is Stephanie Werthman

I am excited to share Werthman’s new site with The Tonight at Dawn community so I am reposting her inaugural blog entry here.

Chemigrams at Jersey City Studio Tour 2014

October 18 – 19 ~ 12pm – 6pm
74 Colgate Street, Jersey City, NJ

Text & Art by S. Werthman

Come on out and join us for the 2014 Jersey City Studio Tour! I’ll be presenting a group of four Chemigrams in conjunction with Liv Art’s Speakeasy Studios Show. The series entitled “faerie wings” harkens a reexamination of the elusive and immaterial. Made through a process of exposing photosensitive paper to B&W dark room chemicals – a chemigram is considered an alternative photo print. And while not new, has only recently been recognized in major museum and gallery shows. The series was made at the Manhattan Graphics Studio dark room. Major thanks to Douglas Collins and Rich Turnbull for their instruction in alternative photo printing.


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