Boston funk rock band BAD RABBITS released their acoustic  E.P. Dusted back in July (little late to the party, I am).  The entire 5 track release is a RnB/Soul concoction that, while enjoyable, might leave some fans yearning for that original groove.

Comprised of covers of their own material, these tracks provide an interesting perspective on Bad Rabbits’ work. There is certainly no lack of musicianship here, as the band (Sheel Davé, Salim Akram, Graham Masser, Santiago Araujo, RP Thompson) provide vocalist Fredua Boakye with an exceptional backrop to croon his smooth lyrics and glass shattering wails.

The song structures are generally the same as their couterparts, just stripped of any effects and tweeked juuuuuust enough to make the listening experience worthwhile. For example, “Can’t Back Down” and “Stick Up Kids” drops a low dose of funk from the initial tracks amongst its bare instrumentation.

The entire set is like a window to an alternate universe, where Bad Rabbits, rather than being a funky bunch are an exceptionally soulful lounge act, and they are able to pull it off quite well.  While Dusted is not an essential by any means, hardcore fans of the band will no doubt be happy with this release.

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