New Years, New York

Text by K. Cecchini

Ringing in the new year naturally is bogged down with great expectations for the eve -and, not to mention, the 365 days to follow.

New Years Around New York

If you haven’t completely tired or given up on the grand spectacle of New Years in New York, then wherever you are in the area, you are likely to countdown with Ryan Seacrest (if you are older than 30, you will do this while lamenting Dick Clark’s heyday) and mark the Times Square ball drop with a champagne toast and a kiss.

As other New Years around the world are beamed into our TV sets while the globe turns, I am sure many of you have seen the Times Square extravaganza on your televisions as well. If you haven’t, here’s a quick synopsis; the freezing square is filled with thousands of revelers looking out the newest redesign of the glasses to fit the year – the ‘2015’ design was lame- while packed into gated areas like sardines and cheering when prompted. On the stages are underdressed and overproduced performers that fit two categories; the newest musical flavors or past stars whose flames are flickering.

If you are in the crowd, you have to hold your spot for hours (ignoring the call of nature) around folks that are probably swiftly becoming intoxicated -and intolerable. As the crowd disperses, leaving tons of litter for the city’s sanitation crews, you reconvene with your fellow, drunker revelers to pack in on subways and trains.

Last night, those fortunate folks donned pink top hats with lipstick kisses courtesy of CoverGirl and Cosmo.

Yet, the rest of us are not jealous.

While local college students use it as an excuse for yet another party, folks in their early twenties will often opt to buy an overpriced ticket to a bar or club that delivers a lukewarm buffet, hours of sweaty dancing and a plastic flute of champagne at midnight.

Us older New Yorkers opt for either a nice dinner out -some pre fixed and costly to mark the occasion- or get together with friends and families in someone’s living room. While, as John Oliver noted, you watch the hummus dip slowly brown on a coffee table, you are glad to have let some of the hype out of the night to hang with the people you love.

To be sure, at some point, someone will tune into a countdown (as it is 2015 and my friends are sans cable, we watched a live stream from the web) while one person hesitantly pops the sparkling wine cork. And many folks, from Rutgers University to the bars in New York to the living rooms all around the Tri-state- clank their glasses to herald in the new calendar and pucker up their lips for a kiss. After our own toast, we were treated to fireworks over Central Park from our window.

No matter where you are, here’s to a brilliant 2015 and “may she be a damn sight better than the last…”

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