Iman Omari, For A Limited Time


“Part hip hop, part bluesy trip hop instrumental, and perfectly produced 8 tracks”.

If my boss @tonightatdawn let me get away with writing one line reviews for albums, that would be all I need to say about HIGHER-LOOPS, the latest release from Iman Omari.

In a unique marketing strategy, this album is only available to purchase for 8 days (Jan. 18-26), which makes me writing a review seem useless if you’re reading this on the 27th. However, this release can be seen as more of a teaser for his other, more readily available material, which in my case, worked out quite well.

These tracks are more about the feel of the grooves than its scant lyrics. In fact, that sparseness helps creates a mood where the listener can just sit back and drown in the vibe. The hazy beats, sleepy, echoey verses and occasional horn accompaniment make this ideal for a late night comedown, no matter what you need to come down from (wink).

It does have the feel of an artist working out some new ideas, and quickly releasing them without putting too much work and revision into it (or it could be he made a bet with some friends that said he couldn’t drop a new set of minimalist tracks by Jan. 18, 2015).  Regardless, I am picking up what Iman Omari is putting down.

If repetitive loops and verses aren’t your thing, then it is best to skip tracks like ’19th Hour’ (fortunately, they suit me just fine).  Other tracks like ‘Bar w/ Moo’ and “Boogie Bang” quite accurately recreate that late night, smoked-filled-jazz-club feel with a hint of hip hop thrown in for good measure.

The more fleshed out tracks like ‘Set It Off’ and ‘That Girl” are more beat-based and hold more lyrical substance (not a ton more, more like a smidge). Both are really good, but my mind is currently fixated on the jazzier numbers at the moment.

The bottom line? Higher Loopswas a good find for a late Sunday night; it definitely has piqued my interest to explore more of Iman Omari’s sound.

Although, this is a flash review, I feel the abbreviated sales time justifies my brevity. Get it here before its gone:

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