HTRK: That’s Some Cold (Body) Lotion

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3 songs, 11 minutes, thats all the time  HTRK — pronounced “Hate Rock”, gives its fans with its newest release, BODY LOTION.  Fortunately, that is all the time they need to deliver a trio of tracks that can be best described as:

Sleepy, droning music equivalent to resting on an Ambien life preserver wafting in a sea of NYQUIL.

More of a B-sides type of release, each of the three tracks were recorded during the band’s 2011 sessions for the album Work (Work-Work).

Drum beats that pulsate, synth notes that linger, these trademarks litter the soundscape, providing a sense of eeriness not experienced by these ears since the GAZELLE TWIN release a few months back.

Whether it is ‘Punch‘, ‘Sugar‘, or the title track, is sounds as if the duo is attempting to convey a warning to the listeners. In spite of its ominousness, it is hard not to get sucked into the ambience.

Vocalist Jonnine Standish’s verses are practically smothered underneath the sound, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering the aura of these songs is the real focal point.

Certainly not a must-have collection that will win over legions of new fans, but this does serve as a wonderful teaser for the noob like myself, while providing the die hards with a much welcome peek into the HTRK vaults.  No doubt this release will succeed in whetting one’s appetite to delve a little deeper into their abyss.

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