365 Dawns

Tonight at Dawn just reached its 1st year anniversary and 200th article on Sunday (2.22: “Tonight at Noon“). To celebrate, we are presenting our largest (& favorite) milestones from the last 365 days. Thanks for taking the ride and stay with us as we evolve!

Tonight at Dawn: Favorite Posts by the Month


February: TaD’s 1st live coverage “The Man Behind the Curtain: Covering the VH1 Superbowl Blitz”


Balloons released at start of Rainbow Fest

March: Japanese rainbows  “Shinjuku, Block no. 2 (新宿二丁目)” 


April: Live wire  Lews Black Rants On: 7 Pieces of Advice

Dena Florczyk 6

May: Get educated The Nigerian School Project

Julie Taymor & Stephen Colbert In Conversation, MFF14
Julie Taymor & Stephen Colbert In Conversation, MFF14

May (Indecision!Montclair Film Festival Series

Orange is the New Black Promo Shot
Orange is the New Black Promo Shot

June: What’s threatening our democracy?  Justice Reform Series


July: International collaboration Economy Decoded: Kesariya Baalam, Padharo Mhare des!



August: Give me the RED Light…District



September: Eco-tacular Meeting the 1st female prime minister of Ireland at NYC’s Climate March


September: (Indecisions, again!): Meeting Senator Cory Booker



October: Music reviews from @kraltunes make our stats POP!  Pearl Jam (& my favorite @kraltunes piece)



November: The doctor is in! One of Dr. Nina’s “What you to need to know…”


 December: ART! Margeaux Walter Has Got Heart (or a FAMNIG HJÄRTA)


One Less Flush by Nitesh Nagrath and Lizzie Reid http://dothegreenthing.com/posters/one-less-flush-by-nitesh-nagrath-and-lizzie-reid/
One Less Flush by Nitesh Nagrath and Lizzie Reid

January: “One small step for (wo)man” Peeing in the Shower (& Other Eco-Friendly Moves I’m Not Ready For)

#jeffwecan Last Week Tonight's Media Campaign for Anti-Smoking

 February: Armchair activism via John Oliver: #Jeff We Can! #Jeff We Can! #Jeff We Can! 


What’s next for TaD? More of everything! More @kraltunes, travel, Dr. Nina, live event coverage and real, current social and environmental issues. The next interview piece will be a sobering but hopeful conversation with a TED Talks speaker.






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