Dr. Nina’s What You Need To Know About Cardiovascular Disease

Our heart is truly amazing, especially when you consider that it is the size of our two hands clasped together. Our heart is responsible for delivering blood to every single one of the estimated 3 trillion cells in our body. In just one day, it beats 100,000 times; that equates to 2.5 billion beats over … More Dr. Nina’s What You Need To Know About Cardiovascular Disease

Courtney Barnett

***Opinions in this article are those of @KralTunes, and not necessarily shared by Tonight At Dawn*** Courtney Barnett is the type of artist that is rarely seen around these musical parts these days: a clever lyricist with an actual message to convey. Her newest album, Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit, has been … More Courtney Barnett

Viral Verse #1 

Text by K. Cecchini  Scramble up boxcars Fleshed pressed to La Bestia  Full moon shanks refuge.  ➡️Viral Verse is poetry about current events and issues. This particular one was inspired by various segments on Central American immigrants’ treacherous route including a podcast from Radio Amublante and Vice’s HBO show.  

Silk Rhodes

Text by KralTunes ***Opinions expressed in this article are not endorsed nor representative of Tonight At Dawn*** Baltimore’s Sasha Desree and Michael Collins pay homage to the soulful funk of the late 70’s in their self-titled release, SILK RHODES. The intro (aptly dubbed INTRO) serves up some funky R&B instrumentals that segue into the lead single. … More Silk Rhodes

Dr. Nina’s What You Need To Know About Depression in Men

We have all heard the saying “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” I giggle when I hear that the genders come from different planets because there is more than a grain of truth to it. Men and women seem to possess their own unique customs, language, and visions of relationships (as well as … More Dr. Nina’s What You Need To Know About Depression in Men

The Terrorist’s Son

Text by K. Cecchini Eight years before 9/11, a 1,200 pound bomb exploded in the World Trade Center’s parking garage; it killed 6 people and injured over a thousand people. El-Sayyid Nosair was one of the attack’s architects. But this article is not about the terrorist. It is about a very different man – his son. Worlds … More The Terrorist’s Son

Dr. Nina’s What You Need To Know About Diabetes

Diabetes: Some Call it “The Disease of The Century” “Starvation amidst plenty” is one of the best ways to describe diabetes. And like many, it makes little sense that anything, or anyone, should be hungry when there is aplenty. Another thing that doesn’t make sense to many of us is that despite all of our … More Dr. Nina’s What You Need To Know About Diabetes


We aren’t ruled by a heredity monarchy;” Bill Maher snarkily intoned on Real Time Friday, “the Bushes and Clintons take turns.” 28 out of 32. If Jeb or Hillary win in 2016 and 2020, the Clintons and the Bushes will have dominated the executive powers for 28 out of 32 years. 87.5%. That’s a full generation. Besides crazy … More Dynasty

Party Like It’s 1999

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini Pearl Jam tees wrapped in flannel. Glow sticks, dog tags, REM’s “Losing My Religion” and black light highlighting the lint on my sweater. AND Dwayne Wayne flip glasses. Yes, people were partying like it was 1999. To compliment its’ freshest exhibit, Come As You Are, the Montclair Art Museum balanced all of … More Party Like It’s 1999