Shutter INK #8

Shutter INK #8

YOUR input here. By prose or by verse, please write a caption for our newest Shutter INK photo. (Photo: K. Cecchini)   

3 responses to “Shutter INK #8”

      • I haven’t done it in years, but I think there’s an active geocaching community around here. A few weekends ago, I was walking in a local park and a family I’d just passed asked if I was looking for the same thing – I was just enjoying the weather and the view, but they were looking for a cache. I think they found it! I think I like leaving the caches better than finding them, but I’m pretty sure I’m banned from the official site after abandoning one for a few years while dealing with cancer. 😉 (I’m fine! It’s just that geocaching wasn’t top of my priorites then!)

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