Mad Men Approved

Text and Photos by K. Cecchini

“Mad Men” make fantastic matchmakers. While browsing a Time magazine today from 11.24.14 (slim pickings at the gym), I took note of their skills.

Laying next to the article, “New Energy” about the GOP Senate’s debates on the Keystone Pipeline and the President’s “all of the above” energy plan is an ad with a young boy representing his ocean view on a Light Brite. The heading reads, “Let’s light up his future with bright ideas offshore”.

It’s an ad for Shell.

In the copy, Shell brags about its 30 year presence in the Gulf of Mexico and speaks about how they would like to “safely” and dig deep for more black gold to “power lives for years to come”. It cheerleads their goals, “The Olympus platform is a key part of the Mars B project, the first deep-water project of its kind, expanding on existing field with new infrastructure to maximize recovery with less of a footprint.”.

Although Shell & energy is the most obvious marriage of news & marketing in the issue, I noticed a few other pairings throughout the periodical; Kindle with an article on retiring authors and Capital One (“Nothing matches the first dollar you ever made…”) engaged to a piece featuring a young entrepreneur.

I can’t confirm that these are arranged marriages, but I do know that Don Draper would love it.

Time Magazine 11.24.14
Time Magazine 11.24.14
Time Magazine 11.24.14
Time Magazine 11.24.14
Time Magazine 11.24.14
Time Magazine 11.24.14

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