We aren’t ruled by a heredity monarchy;” Bill Maher snarkily intoned on Real Time Friday, “the Bushes and Clintons take turns.”

28 out of 32.

If Jeb or Hillary win in 2016 and 2020, the Clintons and the Bushes will have dominated the executive powers for 28 out of 32 years. 87.5%. That’s a full generation.

Besides crazy stats, the only other thing that would be interesting about a(nother) Bush vs. Clinton run is that one of them would be the first female president. Albeit being an exciting break to the glass ceiling, it’s not a good enough reason to support the former First Lady. And to snag that title via a dynasty feels a little cheap. Plexiglass cheap.

Then there’s Jeb. In a crowded field of Republican hopefuls that just. won’t. quit. he seems like one of the saner ones and that’s not a feat.

Will another candidate with any other surname be any different then our dynastic duo? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But, all I can ask, is to at least to be able to play pretend I have a choice with new lawn signs.

Of course the election is well over a year from now, but we all know the battle cries are sounding earlier and earlier like Christmas jingles in October. And like Christmas, it’ll be hard to be excited when it actually arrives – especially if everything feels regifted.

On the other hand, we do teach kids to take turns on the playground so I suppose at least their mamas can be proud.

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