Christie Brings Good Tidings to Union Beach

Photo from, Union Beach Home after Hurricane Sandy
Photo from, Union Beach Home after Hurricane Sandy

Text by K. Cecchini/Photo from

Mayor Paul Smith said Hurricane Sandy was “…like a tsunami; it came in, it kicked ass and then left in 45 minutes”.  He believes it flooded at least 50% of Union Beach’s 2,200 homes and the Asbury Park Press reported that as many as 85% of its homes were affected.

As part of my research on the Jersey Shore’s vulnerabilities and disaster mitigation options, I had the fortune to speak with the elated mayor after Governor Christie and ranking Army Corp of Engineer members delivered affirmative news on a shore protection project. The bedroom community has waited 20 years for implementation, and now they can expect its completion in 2020.

Hopefully the program will be the fix Union Beach needs because, as I said to the mayor, you can’t fight nature. He laughed, “(Governor Christie) mentioned that also”.

Please look for an extended piece on the Jersey Shore. In the meantime, we would love your input:

What do you think about post-Sandy efforts along the Mid-Atlantic?

What is the future of our Jersey Shore?

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