Montclair Make Music Day: Thee Volatiles

Text by K. Cecchini/Photos Courtesy of Edward Delaney

For a moment, a jazz horn blended with punk riffs in the crosswalk between Church Street and South Fullerton. Yesterday was Montclair Make Music Day and the Thee Volatiles were making punk music inside the East Side Mags comic book shop.

 The Thee Volatiles was born among the East Village DIY scene of the late 1980’s which made for a particularly interesting interview for an article in the Montclair Times (with a wealth of stories left to be told, there is certainly fodder for more writing). 

Not only was it fun to see the article roar to life in a live show, the Thee Volatiles have rekindled my love for punk music. 

Read about the Thee Volatiles here on and visit their site or view their video here

See also the article on Montclair’s hip hop duo, Your Mystery Guest here.


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