Congratulations to Tomaro’s first graduating class!

Now that the graduation is over, our crew in Nigeria and the States, are looking back fondly through photos and film and the simple act of recounting our memories together.

We shared a wonderful week with our friends in Tomaro and we are extremely grateful for their gracious hospitality, the joy we shared in celebrating the schools’ achievements and the community’s excitement for the film.

Fortunately, we have captured many beautiful moments in our hearts – and for our film.

Thank you for your support because YOU help to make our trip possible; I can’t wait to relive the week through our new footage because we believe it is really going to make Tomaro’s story shine on the silver screen.

Last but not least, I am overwhelmed by our crew’s dedication, hard work, creativity and the joy each team member added to our travels. Check out the photos below to see most of our crew.

With sincere gratitude,

Kimberly Cecchini, Director/Producer

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