Hey, Jeff

Opinion writer, Manjoo, suggests Amazon customers should email Bezos. Here’s mine; feel free to copy or change it in your own email. It’s a small thing, but maybe we can flood his email with requests.

Hi, Jeff,

My partner has had an Amazon membership for years & I’ve considered convincing them to cancel it.

Admittedly, your services are convenient, and I use the membership. But would like to do that with less guilt.

Clearly, you are an innovative thinker with a lot of resources at your fingertips. I call on you to lead in more than just sales, but also in worker’s rights & compensation, support of unionization, and a reduction in our shared carbon footprint. Based on reports in the news like the NY Times (you may have seen the OpEd from this week), Amazon’s warehouses are often described in dehumanizing terms; human bodies are treated like robots and the work wears on people’s minds and bodies – from tracking every second of a worker’s day to literally and figuratively numbing repetition.

I also hate envisioning the ecofootprint I contribute with the whole cycle of purchasing – including the waste created by the packaging (I do appreciate a bit that our last package sleeve could be recycled like cardboard).

I would trade convenience & savings for the dignity of our fellow humans & our Earth.

Thank you,


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