Akinno’s New EP: “Different Sounds That Valid (D.S.T.V)”

Akinno, a Nigerian musician & former student of the Tomaro Secondary Schools, dropped his new EP here. Check it out; we are hoping to collaborate with him on a song for our doc. From Naijawhisper.com.ng: Akinno has come back again with a 5 track EP The EP is titled “Different Sounds That Valid (D.S.T.V)” and featuresContinue reading “Akinno’s New EP: “Different Sounds That Valid (D.S.T.V)””

Hey, Jeff

Opinion writer, Manjoo, suggests Amazon customers should email Bezos. Here’s mine; feel free to copy or change it in your own email. It’s a small thing, but maybe we can flood his email with requests. Hi, Jeff, My partner has had an Amazon membership for years & I’ve considered convincing them to cancel it. Admittedly,Continue reading “Hey, Jeff”

Education Reform Vlog: LAUNCHED!

Rashon & I just launched our teacher vlog project: The Post-Assessment. What: The education before the pandemic did not serve many students well. Let’s start a conversation on what works and what doesn’t. Send us video (or audio) of you sharing your experiences and ideas. Our first prompt asks for teachers to tell how andContinue reading “Education Reform Vlog: LAUNCHED!”

Interview with Nigerian Historian, Dr. Korieh

We are grateful that Dr. Chima Korieh of Marquette University shared the last day of his Thanksgiving holiday to interview with us for the film. As a professor and author of West African studies, he provided us with a strong historical context on education in Nigeria and a vision for greater success. Dr. Korieh andContinue reading “Interview with Nigerian Historian, Dr. Korieh”