The Man Behind the Curtain: Covering the VH1 Super Bowl Blitz 2014

Text and Images by Kimberly Cecchini As the step child of the boroughs, New Jersey’s singular VH1 Super Bowl Blitz starred a name I had not heard of, Gavin DeGraw. ¬†Forget about the fact that the New Jersey was the official unofficial host of the big game and I did not even get to aContinue reading “The Man Behind the Curtain: Covering the VH1 Super Bowl Blitz 2014”

As the Sun Rises

As I said, Tonight at Dawn will be a variety magazine (as I add the variety) because of the different opportunities that are currently in my life. I am hoping, as I develop it, that I will be able to focus more entries on issues that are closer to my heart such as the environment,Continue reading “As the Sun Rises”

Tonight at Noon

Tonight at Dawn. ¬†It may not make sense at first glance, or even, perhaps at second glance and yet it perfectly illuminates this blog for yours truly. Naming a blog is a more daunting task than you might expect. In fact, it is the stumbling block to initiating one because when you establish a WordContinue reading “Tonight at Noon”