The Recklessness That Ails Our Generation

By Mahak of Article originally posted on 23 Feb, 2014 5:25 PM.  All rights reserved by I was walking along with my friend and I saw a heart-wrenching incident on our way. As we walked by a temple there were quite a few beggars outside the temple. The beggars comprised of an old senileContinue reading “The Recklessness That Ails Our Generation”

Pura Vida: La Primera Parte–Moonlight Obscured by the Rainforest

Text and Photos by Kimberly Cecchini Within an hour of being in country, our twenty-four year old Tico guide had driven my husband and I beyond the city limits and we were speeding down a desolate highway with only the headlights to illuminate the mountains in the heavy rain of the “green” season. The soundtrack was TheContinue reading “Pura Vida: La Primera Parte–Moonlight Obscured by the Rainforest”

Thinking India on the Global Stage

Text by Kimberly Cecchini Globalism.  Every nation is seeking out how it will thrive and stay relevant in this new world order.  India is no different. Vinay Rai encapsulated a message for the globe in the title of his 2007 book, Think India.  He, with his coauthor, William L. Simon, posit that India is poisedContinue reading “Thinking India on the Global Stage”

What Kevin Smith is Thinking, Really

See more information about the Montclair Film Festival and all its great events at the Montclair Film Festival page. View more photos at the MontclairFilmFest Flickr page: Article and Photos Below by Tonight at Dawn (Kimberly Cecchini); What is Kevin Smith Thinking?  conversation at MFF14. So what is Kevin Smith thinking? This Jersey boy is happy to tell you.Continue reading “What Kevin Smith is Thinking, Really”

The Nigerian School Project: Going Full Circle

Text by Kimberly Cecchini/Photography by Dena Florczyk To learn more about and support NSP at and Dena Florczyk educates students in two hemispheres.  The middle school teacher in suburban Teaneck, New Jersey has aided numerous education programs and has had a school built in Nigeria.  Her recent exhibition at the Stable Art Gallery in Ridgewood celebratedContinue reading “The Nigerian School Project: Going Full Circle”

Release for Anesthesia: A Short Story

The nurse mispronounces her name for the third time, “Amret-ta!” Amrita finally puts the Cosmo magazine she wasn’t reading on top of the stack on the side table and lifts herself out of the torn pleather chair.  She keeps her eyes cast down at the berber carpet as she passes the other patients who weren’tContinue reading “Release for Anesthesia: A Short Story”

On the Walls of Barcelona (A les muralles de Barcelona)

Some graffiti photographed throughout Barcelona circa 2009.  If anybody knows the specific context behind some of these images, please add to the comment section! Photos by Kimberly Cecchini