Text by K. Cecchini/Photo from NPR Beautiful! In our world, it does not happen often, but LOVE WON today. The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples can marry in ALL 50 STATES!!! As one celebrant on the steps today said, it will bring happiness to not only same-sex couples but straight couples as well. Congratulations to … More #LoveWins

Viral Verse #3

“…gunned down like an animal.” Returned to the Earth, Another unarmed black man. This poem is a reflection on the shooting of Walter Scott in North Carolina a week ago; the quote is his brother’s reaction (CBS), “My brother was gunned down like an animal”. May he rest in peace.

Viral Verse #1 

Text by K. Cecchini  Scramble up boxcars Fleshed pressed to La Bestia  Full moon shanks refuge.  ➡️Viral Verse is poetry about current events and issues. This particular one was inspired by various segments on Central American immigrants’ treacherous route including a podcast from Radio Amublante and Vice’s HBO show.