Artist Spotlight: The Skulx

Written for Tonight At Dawn by @KralTunes Typically, A seven second video of wailing guitar, pounding drums, and an ear-piercing scream is not worth getting too excited about.  However, when those seven seconds are the world’s introduction to the Foxy Shazam/Cadaver Dogs collaboration known as The Skulx, even this minimalist offering is enough to make fans of their respectiveContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: The Skulx”

Artist Spotlight: Bryan McPherson- Wedgewood

By @KralTunes Given the choice between C-SPAN or WWE Raw and most people will choose to watch chair shots to the head instead of public policy talk. Bryan McPherson is the rare exception. And he thinks these broadcasts are interchangeable. He told KralTunes, “These people are characters who talk all kinds of trash and all kinds of gameContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Bryan McPherson- Wedgewood”

Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors

IMAGINE DRAGONS: A band that seemingly appeared out of nowhere onto the music landscape, destined to provide us with  gi-normous anthems that are played ad nauseum on seemingly every pop station and CW television series.  Admittedly, I know very little about this group (other than the previous album’s singles), so rather than bore the alreadyContinue reading “Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors”

Sleaford Mods: Nevermind the Bullocks

Text by @KralTunes Every now and then, an artist(s) will emerge that will do the seemingly impossible…shock me.  I could hear any singer sing about anything and I’ll hardly bat an eyelash.  It takes real hutzpah to make me wince (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a meaningful way).  And while I may haveContinue reading “Sleaford Mods: Nevermind the Bullocks”

The Smashing Pumpkins..or what is left of them.

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS are alive (sort of) with Monuments to an Elegy, Billy Corgan’s latest installment in the everlasting Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project.  [Can a band be truly alive if only one original member is still enlisted? Should they be considered the SMASHED PUMPKINS…or maybe the SURVIVING PUMPKIN SEED?] end thought rant. Back on topic, IContinue reading “The Smashing Pumpkins..or what is left of them.”

TV On The Radio…What The Hell?!

@KralTunes “Hey, remember when hearing that TV On The Radio had a new album coming out sparked such a feeling of excitement in your bowels that it sent you rushing to the john in a fit of ecstasy?!” neither…mainly because its been quite a while since they have possessed such an uncontrollable command overContinue reading “TV On The Radio…What The Hell?!”

Foo Fighters-Sonically ‘Safe’ Highways

Written by @KralTunes Someone needs to explain to me how THE FOO FIGHTERS became hailed as one of the most important rock bands in recent memory. Even with all of their success, they are the epitome of ‘safe’ rock music – they take no real chances in their sound. (Not for nothing, my boss @ tonight atContinue reading “Foo Fighters-Sonically ‘Safe’ Highways”

Shakey Graves: Real Country With A Twist

@KralTunes Following up what some consider a modern-day, lo-fi masterpiece Roll The Bones,  Alejandro Rose-Garcia (Shakey Graves) returns with a new LP, And the War Came, (he released an EP,  Doner Blues,  in 2012). For good reason, a decent amount of hype accompanies his new release. Not only is Rose-Garcia a gifted folk singer, but heContinue reading “Shakey Graves: Real Country With A Twist”

Return To Form: Death From Above 1979

My reaction to the announced return of Death From Above 1979 (DFA79) was tempered;  while I loved the fact that the band was ‘alive’ once again, the prospects of writing a great new album seemed to be slight. Ten years between albums is a long time and their success the first time around was likeContinue reading “Return To Form: Death From Above 1979”