We aren’t ruled by a heredity monarchy;” Bill Maher snarkily intoned on Real Time Friday, “the Bushes and Clintons take turns.” 28 out of 32. If Jeb or Hillary win in 2016 and 2020, the Clintons and the Bushes will have dominated the executive powers for 28 out of 32 years. 87.5%. That’s a full generation. Besides crazyContinue reading “Dynasty”

Marian Call: Have Yourself A Die Hard X-Mas

Text by @KralTunes By this point in the holiday season, it is damn near impossible to escape the audio assault of festive Christmas music.  Every corner of every block has it blaring from the rafters.  What makes it even more nauseating is the fact that you only hear like 3,827 versions of 12 different songsContinue reading “Marian Call: Have Yourself A Die Hard X-Mas”

Create A Green Christmas or a Festivus Miracle?

Unless you’re just looking for a Festivus miracle, we have some ideas that will bring good tidings to the Earth (and some for your wallet) this holiday season. Gift Alternatives. Gift giving is ingrained into many of our holiday traditions, but much of what is given is often a token of good intentions and theContinue reading “Create A Green Christmas or a Festivus Miracle?”