People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters

@tonightatdawn With 400,000 marchers in New York and hundreds of thousands of voices around the world the cry for climate justice is not just an East/West Coast liberal move. I met Kentuckians concerned about mountaintop removal for coal mining and Evangelicals seeking to protect what they see as god’s creation. In addition, I saw andContinue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters”

People’s Climate March: Part 3- Now what?

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn Did our global leaders in government and business hear the cry of hundreds of thousands throughout the world on Sunday? For the opening of the Climate Summit on Tuesday, May Boeve, executive director, issued the following: “Sunday’s climate march should be a wake up call to politicians.Continue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 3- Now what?”