Keep Calm and Become…What?

Text by K. Cecchini/Images by Margeaux Walter Do commercial objects act as props in our life stories or are we Becoming them? Margeaux Walter continues an exploration of our relationship with the commercial world via an interactive public art project in Queens and her solo exhibit at Chelsea’s Winston Watcher Gallery. “Keep Calm & GetContinue reading “Keep Calm and Become…What?”

Cambodia-made Clothes Should Make You Feel Guilty

By Joel Mayer of The Capital Press Article originally posted on February 18, 2014 5:38 pm.  All rights reserved by The Capital Press. 2014 has barely begun, yet protests in Phnom Penh have gotten off to a bloody start. Since December, thousands of Cambodian garment workers have taken to the streets to voice their discontent over aContinue reading “Cambodia-made Clothes Should Make You Feel Guilty”

margeaux walter: artist part two

Margeaux Walter has a thorough resume that includes a number of solo and group shows, honors, awards and artist residencies.  She is currently an MFA student at Hunter College in New York City. Contact:                                        Continue reading “margeaux walter: artist part two”