Pura Vida: El Segundo Parte: Chasing Cascadas

Text & Photos by Kimberly Cecchini Over omelets spiced with gallo pinto at Rancho Colón in Querrada Amarilla, we planned our first adventures. Mateo, our young Tico tour guide, mapped out the first few days in Costa Rica on a napkin at the soda (open-air restaurant). Our first stop was going to be the BijagualContinue reading “Pura Vida: El Segundo Parte: Chasing Cascadas”

Pura Vida: La Primera Parte–Moonlight Obscured by the Rainforest

Text and Photos by Kimberly Cecchini Within an hour of being in country, our twenty-four year old Tico guide had driven my husband and I beyond the city limits and we were speeding down a desolate highway with only the headlights to illuminate the mountains in the heavy rain of the “green” season. The soundtrack was TheContinue reading “Pura Vida: La Primera Parte–Moonlight Obscured by the Rainforest”