Artist Spotlight: Audios Amigos

Interview conducted by @KralTunes A band that blends instrumental surf, country, latin, soundtrack and garage music (all while wearing mariachi-inspired attire, no less) can be a tough sell for us rock and roll-leaning individuals, but when that band is AUDIOS AMIGOS, consider this guy sold. Having released several E.P.s of original material mixed with faithfully coveredContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Audios Amigos”


Text by @KralTunes I am not a fan of contemporary country music.  The twang, the “country rebels” that look like they just walked off of an Ambercrombie photo shoot, and the fact that 99% of male country singers sound EXACTLY alike…are kind of a turn off.  Not to mention, I defy you to find one countryContinue reading “ZAC BROWN BAND, AND THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF COUNTRY MUSIC”

Shakey Graves: Real Country With A Twist

@KralTunes Following up what some consider a modern-day, lo-fi masterpiece Roll The Bones,  Alejandro Rose-Garcia (Shakey Graves) returns with a new LP, And the War Came, (he released an EP,  Doner Blues,  in 2012). For good reason, a decent amount of hype accompanies his new release. Not only is Rose-Garcia a gifted folk singer, but heContinue reading “Shakey Graves: Real Country With A Twist”

Belly Up To The Bar With Joe Purdy- Eagle Rock Fire

Joe Purdy is as reliable as gravity; just as one will surely make you fall, the other will sing a song that will make you as depressed as any fictional Disney donkey could. Yes, country/folk star Joe Purdy is back with his 13th album (his first in almost 4 years), Eagle Rock Fire. The manContinue reading “Belly Up To The Bar With Joe Purdy- Eagle Rock Fire”