HTRK: That’s Some Cold (Body) Lotion

KralTunes for @tonightatdawn 3 songs, 11 minutes, thats all the time  HTRK — pronounced “Hate Rock”, gives its fans with its newest release, BODY LOTION.  Fortunately, that is all the time they need to deliver a trio of tracks that can be best described as: Sleepy, droning music equivalent to resting on an Ambien lifeContinue reading “HTRK: That’s Some Cold (Body) Lotion”


Text by Joe K. Aaaahh, another dream pop, trip hop review…I seem to be falling into a trend here lately.  Banks is actually Jillian Banks, an alternative RnB artist who has recently toured with the Weeknd. Much like How To Dress Well or FKA Twigs, Banks offers morose, late night beats – albeit murkier andContinue reading “Banks-Goddess”

For A Good Time, Cue Up FKA TWIGS

Text by Joe K. FKA Twigs is my first exposure to trip-hop in a loooong time, and even then, Massive Attack, Tricky, and DJ Shadow were the only artists I actually used to follow. But I’ve been hearing good things about her album (L.P. 1), so I have some interest in revisiting old territory. TheContinue reading “For A Good Time, Cue Up FKA TWIGS”

We Can Find Comfort In Debauchery; Alvvays (Self-titled album)

Text by Joe K./Live photos by Kimberly Cecchini Dreampop is a sub-genre of music that I wouldn’t normally reach for; I don’t even think I heard of it before last year. But there I was, awaiting the Protomartyr concert at the South Street Seaport, when Toronto band Alvvays took the stage as the opener. HavingContinue reading “We Can Find Comfort In Debauchery; Alvvays (Self-titled album)”