365 Dawns

Tonight at Dawn just reached its 1st year anniversary and 200th article on Sunday (2.22: “Tonight at Noon“). To celebrate, we are presenting our largest (& favorite) milestones from the last 365 days. Thanks for taking the ride and stay with us as we evolve! Tonight at Dawn: Favorite Posts by the Month 2014 February: TaD’sContinue reading “365 Dawns”

Keep Calm and Become…What?

Text by K. Cecchini/Images by Margeaux Walter Do commercial objects act as props in our life stories or are we Becoming them? Margeaux Walter continues an exploration of our relationship with the commercial world via an interactive public art project in Queens and her solo exhibit at Chelsea’s Winston Watcher Gallery. “Keep Calm & GetContinue reading “Keep Calm and Become…What?”

Peeing in the Shower

Text by K. Cecchini/Images by Do the Green Thing (Feature photo: Cut Your Shower by Michael Bierut Peeing in the Shower & Other Eco-Friendly Moves I’m NOT Ready For… While governments stall on true environmental reforms, there are a number of revisions we can make to our own lifestyles to reduce our “Eco-footprint”. But there areContinue reading “Peeing in the Shower”

Inconvenient Truths of a Silent Spring

In our series on female leaders on the environment, we look today at Rachel Carson who ironically died from complications of breast cancer two years after the publication of her landmark book on a well known carcinogen. In 1962, Rachel Carson angered the chemical companies when she wove environmental and health concerns in Silent Spring.Continue reading “Inconvenient Truths of a Silent Spring”

Inconvenient Truths…

Long before Al Gore brought us an Inconvenient Truth, men -and women- were sounding alarms about the human impact on our environs. Today, there are vocal men that I laud for becoming the faces of climate concern, such as Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, but what about the ladies? Of course, nothing fromContinue reading “Inconvenient Truths…”

Renewing the Economy

Text by Hayden Bernstein, a contributing writer at The Capital Press The Future of Green Energy Investment  It should come as no surprise that as the global demand for energy will only continue to rise. It is estimated that energy usage will increase nearly 40% worldwide over the next 20 years. This will be a challengeContinue reading “Renewing the Economy”

Change is Blowin’ in the Wind

Images by Joan Sullivan/Text by K. Cecchini Photographer Joan Sullivan  has spent much of her life working on very serious campaigns and is a realist, yet her optimism is contagious. Mid-Life Renewal At age 50, Sullivan left her bureaucratic work to pursue photography as her agent for change. Since then she has shifted from supporting Botswana communities strickenContinue reading “Change is Blowin’ in the Wind”

Pentagon Identifies Climate Change as Threat (…Shocker)

Text by K. Cecchini According to his Department, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel identified climate change as a threat at the Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas today in Peru. Hagel asserted that climate change is likely to aggravate present issues such as infectious diseases, drought and failure which can be a slippery slopeContinue reading “Pentagon Identifies Climate Change as Threat (…Shocker)”

Dear Climate, How do I Love Thee?

“Dear Climate” Marina Zurkow, Una Chaudhuri, Fritz Ertl and Oliver Kellhammer powerHouse Books window display 41 Main Street, (DUMBO) Brooklyn, NY 11201 Click here for more information and FREE images. Text & Photo by K. Cecchini  @tonightatdawn Images by Marina Zurkow, Una Chaudhuri, Fritz Ertl and Oliver Kellhammer who encourage you to freely distribute them.Continue reading “Dear Climate, How do I Love Thee?”

Sediment: “Dirty Mud Can be a Beautiful Thing”

Text and Photos by K. Cecchini Eric A. Stern, public serviceman, professor, innovator and entrepreneur, “play(s) with bad, dirty mud” for a living. He tells you this and half expects you to nod your head and move on, but his excitement for it gives insight into how interesting sediment work can be and, as theContinue reading “Sediment: “Dirty Mud Can be a Beautiful Thing””