How to Unplug the Blogger?

Text by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn/Images by WNYC’s New Tech City Tonight at Dawn is growing and I am thrilled. All the same, I’m at odds with the process. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to grow TaD more, while another is to have less screen time. I’m an oxymoron. So, I welcome your ideas for theContinue reading “How to Unplug the Blogger?”

Black Mirror: Sex, Lies and Memory Chips

“The Entire History of You” At the dawn of a new year, it is a natural time to reflect on the past. In light of new technologies, the depth and manner in which we record and evoke our memories are evolving.  Black Mirror’s 3rd episode explores how a complete record of our lives could impact our futures. InContinue reading “Black Mirror: Sex, Lies and Memory Chips”