Broken Fires-Out Of The Woods

Text by KralTunes    @KralTunes WOOHOO!! My first requested review!  To be honest, it’s a little nerve-racking. What if it’s crap…what am I supposed to do then?!  I mean, do I tell these people that they are wasting their time with this music endeavor and should find real, honest work, like dashing people’s dreams as a critic?!?! Fortunately,Continue reading “Broken Fires-Out Of The Woods”

Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide

Text by Joe K. This is gonna be short and sweet — mainly ’cause my frustration is such that I don’t know if I could maintain my composure throughout the entire review. Ahem, here we go… DELTA SPIRIT is a band, a pretty good band in fact.  So it would make sense that their newContinue reading “Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide”