Artist Spotlight: Audios Amigos

Interview conducted by @KralTunes A band that blends instrumental surf, country, latin, soundtrack and garage music (all while wearing mariachi-inspired attire, no less) can be a tough sell for us rock and roll-leaning individuals, but when that band is AUDIOS AMIGOS, consider this guy sold. Having released several E.P.s of original material mixed with faithfully coveredContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Audios Amigos”

The Layman’s Review: Protomartyr–Under Color of Official Right

Text by: Joe K./Live photo by: Kimberly Cecchini “He’s not what I expected at all,” that’s what my boss over at Tonight at Dawn said to me when Protomartyr first hit the stage during the Seaport Music Festival in New York City. Singer Joe Casey, with his ‘business-casual’ attire, standing in between a guitarist (GregContinue reading “The Layman’s Review: Protomartyr–Under Color of Official Right”