Inconvenient Truths of a Silent Spring

In our series on female leaders on the environment, we look today at Rachel Carson who ironically died from complications of breast cancer two years after the publication of her landmark book on a well known carcinogen. In 1962, Rachel Carson angered the chemical companies when she wove environmental and health concerns in Silent Spring.Continue reading “Inconvenient Truths of a Silent Spring”

Can’t Afford the Germs

Text by K. Cecchini Some people literally can’t afford to get sick. In the United States, workers are not guaranteed sick days and, therefore many workers – particularly lower wage workers – do not get paid if they are out sick or tending to an ill relative. Grass roots organization, New Jersey Working Families, isContinue reading “Can’t Afford the Germs”

People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters

@tonightatdawn With 400,000 marchers in New York and hundreds of thousands of voices around the world the cry for climate justice is not just an East/West Coast liberal move. I met Kentuckians concerned about mountaintop removal for coal mining and Evangelicals seeking to protect what they see as god’s creation. In addition, I saw andContinue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters”