Kesariya Baalam, Padharo Mhare des! (Welcome to my land!): India

By Mahima Rana of All rights reserved by A land of beautiful traditions dividing the regions, yet uniting the nation. A plethora of colours, so vibrant and majestic. A combination of all odds and ends, of the rich and poor, of pleasing sites and dirty slums, of salwar kameez and short skirts, ofContinue reading “Kesariya Baalam, Padharo Mhare des! (Welcome to my land!): India”

The Recklessness That Ails Our Generation

By Mahak of Article originally posted on 23 Feb, 2014 5:25 PM.  All rights reserved by I was walking along with my friend and I saw a heart-wrenching incident on our way. As we walked by a temple there were quite a few beggars outside the temple. The beggars comprised of an old senileContinue reading “The Recklessness That Ails Our Generation”

Thinking India on the Global Stage

Text by Kimberly Cecchini Globalism.  Every nation is seeking out how it will thrive and stay relevant in this new world order.  India is no different. Vinay Rai encapsulated a message for the globe in the title of his 2007 book, Think India.  He, with his coauthor, William L. Simon, posit that India is poisedContinue reading “Thinking India on the Global Stage”