Youtube can be an amazing thing:  Not that long ago, Matt Doe, Leo P and Dave “King of Sludge” Parks were three subway buskers anonymously filling the underground tunnels of NYC with their blaring horns and stomping drums. They may have been just three men playing just three instruments, yet they filled the subway with a sound that could rival a full-onContinue reading “TOO MANY ZOOZ”

Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide

Text by Joe K. This is gonna be short and sweet — mainly ’cause my frustration is such that I don’t know if I could maintain my composure throughout the entire review. Ahem, here we go… DELTA SPIRIT is a band, a pretty good band in fact.  So it would make sense that their newContinue reading “Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide”

Return To Form: Death From Above 1979

My reaction to the announced return of Death From Above 1979 (DFA79) was tempered;  while I loved the fact that the band was ‘alive’ once again, the prospects of writing a great new album seemed to be slight. Ten years between albums is a long time and their success the first time around was likeContinue reading “Return To Form: Death From Above 1979”

Belly Up To The Bar With Joe Purdy- Eagle Rock Fire

Joe Purdy is as reliable as gravity; just as one will surely make you fall, the other will sing a song that will make you as depressed as any fictional Disney donkey could. Yes, country/folk star Joe Purdy is back with his 13th album (his first in almost 4 years), Eagle Rock Fire. The manContinue reading “Belly Up To The Bar With Joe Purdy- Eagle Rock Fire”

Beast Coast: The Underachievers- Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium

Text by Joe K. When it comes to Hip-Hop, FLOW is half the battle.  You can spend 6 minutes rapping about doing the dishes, but, as Chris Rock so eloquently put it, “If the beat is right, she will dance all night”.  Fortunately, there are those artists that attempt to offer lyrics of substance ratherContinue reading “Beast Coast: The Underachievers- Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium”

We Can Find Comfort In Debauchery; Alvvays (Self-titled album)

Text by Joe K./Live photos by Kimberly Cecchini Dreampop is a sub-genre of music that I wouldn’t normally reach for; I don’t even think I heard of it before last year. But there I was, awaiting the Protomartyr concert at the South Street Seaport, when Toronto band Alvvays took the stage as the opener. HavingContinue reading “We Can Find Comfort In Debauchery; Alvvays (Self-titled album)”

The Layman’s Review: Protomartyr–Under Color of Official Right

Text by: Joe K./Live photo by: Kimberly Cecchini “He’s not what I expected at all,” that’s what my boss over at Tonight at Dawn said to me when Protomartyr first hit the stage during the Seaport Music Festival in New York City. Singer Joe Casey, with his ‘business-casual’ attire, standing in between a guitarist (GregContinue reading “The Layman’s Review: Protomartyr–Under Color of Official Right”

Seaport Music Festival – Protomartyr & Alvvays

Text and Photos by Kimberly Cecchini Right before showtime, an eager crowd gathered on the astro turf in front of the stage nestled between the quaint port shops and restaurants at Water and Fulton Streets last night on the eleventh. The Detroit based punk band, Protomartyr, took the stage after the opening band, Alvvays, whoContinue reading “Seaport Music Festival – Protomartyr & Alvvays”