Shutter INK #9

If you could choose YOUR FINAL WORDS, what would they be? I am crowdsourcing ideas for a writing project (I will NOT use your name unless you want to be credited). Comedy and drama welcome. 



“She will not laugh in public.”

“Chastity is so important,” he said. “She will not laugh in public.” According to a report from the BBC, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc spoke these words in a speech regarding social mores. 

Turkish women are laughing at his words. In protest, they are posting photos on social media of themselves laughing in public. Tonight at Dawn wants to support our sisters in Turkey by encouraging women around the world to post photos of themselves publicly laughing in solidarity.  

Post your photos:

Tonight at Dawn’s Facebook 

-Twitter: Use @TonightatDawn (so we can see our progress)

#laughwithourTurkishsisters & #kahkaha (the Turkish word for laughter)

Read the story on the BBC.