Text by  @KralTunes Instagram: Kral_Was_Here Huge THANK YOU to the members of HOWLING GIANT for being good sports about my lack of interviewing skills and playing along anyway. “Recorded live in Tom’s bedroom, Howling Giant’s first EP comes crashing into reality!” With this singular statement on BANDCAMP, HOWLING GIANT exemplifies perfect do-it-yourself music making.  From the old schoolContinue reading “ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Howling Giant”


In an attempt to reach new audiences with TONIGHT AT DAWN, we are beginning what will hopefully be an ongoing music interview segment.  Several artists have expressed interest in participating, and hopefully that enthusiasm will continue.  Our hope is to offer the reader and fans a different style of music interview.  Some discussions will be straightforward,Continue reading “ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: WHORES.”

The TORCHE Awakens

@kraltunes ‘FEEL GOOD METAL’, much like ‘DOOM SOUL‘. is a phrase I never expected to use in a positive context.  If Doom Soul is the type of music that Darth Vader unwinds to after torturing a rebel alliance, then Feel Good Metal must be what Ewoks dance and sing to after helping Cindel defeat Terak (HUUUGE brownie points forContinue reading “The TORCHE Awakens”

Whispering ‘Sweet Nothings’

Text by Joe K. I’m a big fan of weird music…avant-guard music; music where you have no idea where the bands gonna take you from song to song. I like an artist that can start with a 70’s hard rock vibe, throw in some crazy harmonies and vocalizations, add a bit of banjo, and thenContinue reading “Whispering ‘Sweet Nothings’”