Astronautalis: Super Star Freestyler

KralTunes for @tonightatdawn “If Beck were a decade or so younger and had grown up more heavily immersed in hip-hop,” Thats how hip hop veteran ASTRONAUTALIS’ (Charles Andrew Bothwell ) style has been described since his debut waaaaay back in 2003.  While the proclamation  is not without warrant, it certainly is not completely justified, asContinue reading “Astronautalis: Super Star Freestyler”

Viet Cong

@KralTunes The hype machine was in full effect for the debut release from Canada’s VIET CONG. How can I describe this quartet? Cue visions of bobbing for apples; band members Matt Flegel, Mike Wallace, Scott “Monty” Munro, and Daniel Christiansen dunking their heads into a bucket of sounds and coming up with whatever will fit in their mouths (boy, that sounded a heckContinue reading “Viet Cong”

Iman Omari, For A Limited Time

@KralTunes “Part hip hop, part bluesy trip hop instrumental, and perfectly produced 8 tracks”. If my boss @tonightatdawn let me get away with writing one line reviews for albums, that would be all I need to say about HIGHER-LOOPS, the latest release from Iman Omari. In a unique marketing strategy, this album is only availableContinue reading “Iman Omari, For A Limited Time”


@KralTunes Welcoming in the new year with a seasoned vet of the remix, mashup scene, SMOOVE has been filling dancefloors for nearly 2 decades with his infectious rhythms.  His newest release, the WACK DYNAMITE E.P., will surely continue the trend.  If you are a fan of the album, ‘GRAVY,’ then this will be the peanutContinue reading “‘SMOOVE’ OPERATOR”

Charli XCX: Sucker Pop

@KralTunes A noisy, synths buildup, leading to the sound of a flatlining patient, and then, an EXPLOSION of sound underneath the very mature, sage like lyrics: “You said you wanna bang Well, fuck you, sucker!” And with that burst of punkish, ‘Up yer twat” bravado, CHARLI XCX begins her second album, SUCKER.  It is definitely moreContinue reading “Charli XCX: Sucker Pop”

New Years, New York

Text by K. Cecchini Ringing in the new year naturally is bogged down with great expectations for the eve -and, not to mention, the 365 days to follow. New Years Around New York If you haven’t completely tired or given up on the grand spectacle of New Years in New York, then wherever you are inContinue reading “New Years, New York”

Best of 2014, Part DEUX

Here’s the first part of the list I’m sure you have all been driven crazy in anticipation for the second part?! Without further ado, let us continue with the most important list you’ll see during this ten minute span: 5.  GAZELLE TWIN–UNFLESH UNFLESH is the sonic equivalent of a violent assault; a soundscape dominated by electronic buzzingContinue reading “Best of 2014, Part DEUX”

Marian Call: Have Yourself A Die Hard X-Mas

Text by @KralTunes By this point in the holiday season, it is damn near impossible to escape the audio assault of festive Christmas music.  Every corner of every block has it blaring from the rafters.  What makes it even more nauseating is the fact that you only hear like 3,827 versions of 12 different songsContinue reading “Marian Call: Have Yourself A Die Hard X-Mas”

BEST OF 2014, Part Un

Text by @KralTunes Just hear those sleigh bells ringin’ an… Yes, it’s that time of the year (at least for the first time) for the annual best of list that everyone will no doubt bitch and moan about relentlessly, as if these things matter to anyone (except that 2014 ROLLING STONE list, which BTW, wasContinue reading “BEST OF 2014, Part Un”

Sleaford Mods: Nevermind the Bullocks

Text by @KralTunes Every now and then, an artist(s) will emerge that will do the seemingly impossible…shock me.  I could hear any singer sing about anything and I’ll hardly bat an eyelash.  It takes real hutzpah to make me wince (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a meaningful way).  And while I may haveContinue reading “Sleaford Mods: Nevermind the Bullocks”