Broken Fires-Out Of The Woods

Text by KralTunes    @KralTunes WOOHOO!! My first requested review!  To be honest, it’s a little nerve-racking. What if it’s crap…what am I supposed to do then?!  I mean, do I tell these people that they are wasting their time with this music endeavor and should find real, honest work, like dashing people’s dreams as a critic?!?! Fortunately,Continue reading “Broken Fires-Out Of The Woods”

BANG BANG…Flying Lotus

Text by KralTunes Unlike the bulls eye-like focus on his previous album, Until the Quiet Comes, You’re Dead! finds the maestro in familiar territory on his 5th album. FLYING LOTUS (Steven Ellison) brings us an even more fly by the seat of your pants in an album reminiscent of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. You’re Dead!Continue reading “BANG BANG…Flying Lotus”

Weezer Comes Alive

Text by @KralTunes Picture it: Small town, U.S.A., 2014 – a young aspiring music journalist is rocking back and forth on the porch, musing about what he should critique next.  As he sips form his frosty glass on this early fall evening,  he thinks to himself, “Been quiet around these parts…almost…too quiet.  Feels like we areContinue reading “Weezer Comes Alive”

I Did Not Intend To Raise The Dead: Cold Specks

Text by Joe K. DOOM SOUL; who would have thought a genre dubbed doom soul would ever exist, or be the least bit enjoyable.  It sounds like something Darth Vader unwinds to after torturing a village of Ewoks.  Yet here we are, about to talk about the new COLD SPECKS album, “Neuroplasticity”.  Aside from never havingContinue reading “I Did Not Intend To Raise The Dead: Cold Specks”

Ariana Grande- My Everything (My Jumping The Shark Moment)

Written by Joe K. This is a test……this is only a test. Ever since I started writing music reviews, I have stuck to music genres within my realm of interest. So in an attempt to spread my wings, I decided to write about something not in my wheelhouse. (If I am anything, it’s adventurous..just askContinue reading “Ariana Grande- My Everything (My Jumping The Shark Moment)”

For A Good Time, Cue Up FKA TWIGS

Text by Joe K. FKA Twigs is my first exposure to trip-hop in a loooong time, and even then, Massive Attack, Tricky, and DJ Shadow were the only artists I actually used to follow. But I’ve been hearing good things about her album (L.P. 1), so I have some interest in revisiting old territory. TheContinue reading “For A Good Time, Cue Up FKA TWIGS”

Whispering ‘Sweet Nothings’

Text by Joe K. I’m a big fan of weird music…avant-guard music; music where you have no idea where the bands gonna take you from song to song. I like an artist that can start with a 70’s hard rock vibe, throw in some crazy harmonies and vocalizations, add a bit of banjo, and thenContinue reading “Whispering ‘Sweet Nothings’”