Living in Limbo: Immigration

Text by K. Cecchini “When has America ever, ever been welcoming to immigrants?!” Bill Maher poised this rhetorical question last week on his HBO show, Real Time. Couldn’t tell ya, Mr. Maher. Here are a few examples of the immigrant experience gone wrong in the States: Genocidal Tendencies The first peoples in the Americas likely migrated across the Bering StraitContinue reading “Living in Limbo: Immigration”

Ford’s Dirty Laundry

Indigenous representatives from around the world brought their environmental concerns to the Climate Change March in New York this past September. I will admit my own ignorance to the environmental issues that the Ramapough Lenape have been experiencing just beyond New York City. One of the greatest hazards the tribe has been facing is theContinue reading “Ford’s Dirty Laundry”