Stronger Than the Ocean?

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini If going down the shore is a rite of passage in New Jersey, then owning a piece of it is a dream. So how do you convince homeowners to return their seaside fantasy to Mother Nature before she sends the repo man? Hurricane Sandy was the most devastating stormContinue reading “Stronger Than the Ocean?”

Fuller, Green and Yo La Tengo

Written by Kimberly Cecchini (Text reposted from the Montclair Film Festival site: Sunday, May 10) Thursday night’s headline for the Montclair Film Festival was a film event that fit its subject; it was larger than life and totally outside of the box. The live documentary screened at the Wellmont Theatre was a tribute to R.Continue reading “Fuller, Green and Yo La Tengo”

Christie Brings Good Tidings to Union Beach

Text by K. Cecchini/Photo from Mayor Paul Smith said Hurricane Sandy was “…like a tsunami; it came in, it kicked ass and then left in 45 minutes”.  He believes it flooded at least 50% of Union Beach’s 2,200 homes and the Asbury Park Press reported that as many as 85% of its homes were affected. As part of myContinue reading “Christie Brings Good Tidings to Union Beach”

Can’t Afford the Germs

Text by K. Cecchini Some people literally can’t afford to get sick. In the United States, workers are not guaranteed sick days and, therefore many workers – particularly lower wage workers – do not get paid if they are out sick or tending to an ill relative. Grass roots organization, New Jersey Working Families, isContinue reading “Can’t Afford the Germs”

People’s Climate March: Part 2: The South Bronx to Bangladesh

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn 310,000 marchers strong in NYC alone, the People’s Climate March was way more than the sum of “tree-huggers” in tie-dye and Crocs. Stretching organizer’s dreams, the Marchers lined up along Central Park West for 33 city blocks and the diverse group represented nearly every corner of our nationContinue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 2: The South Bronx to Bangladesh”

Focused on the Backyard: Local NYC-A Quick Tour

Text and Images by Kimberly Cecchini Originally published on “Is Brooklyn in the house?!” An MC cries in the mic and the Brooklynites put their fists in the air, yelp and yell their attendance. The MC then calls for people from Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx to show their love. After New Jerseyans claimContinue reading “Focused on the Backyard: Local NYC-A Quick Tour”

Queen + Adam Lambert: Seaside Rendezvous

Text and image by Kimberly Cecchini If I believed in conjuring the dead, I might say that Freddie Mercury was channeled last night at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall. Adam Lambert’s flamboyant and confident stage presence was more tribute than imitation, embodying the spirit of Queen’s eclectic catalog. Of course, no one can truly takeContinue reading “Queen + Adam Lambert: Seaside Rendezvous”

From Station to Gastro Lounge: The Reincarnation of the Historic Lackawanna Station in Montclair

As featured on the cover of Millennium Magazine, June 2014.   Pig & Prince: Restaurant & Gastro Lounge, 1 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042 P: 973-233-1006  Twitter: “Not many chefs look their food in the eyes.  Literally…I know my lambs.  I’ve birthed lambs…I witnessed the birth of this lamb and now I’m going to witness the reasonContinue reading “From Station to Gastro Lounge: The Reincarnation of the Historic Lackawanna Station in Montclair”