QUEEN, Was It All Worth It?

Written by @KralTunes Anytime something new or unreleased comes from a legendary band, the anticipation tends to excite the fan base. It is a rare treat to receive such a gift from a band 40+ years into their career, much less new material from a bygone era when they were still relatively young – notContinue reading “QUEEN, Was It All Worth It?”

Royal Blood Without the Royal Tongue

Question…why don’t British singers have British accents when they sing?? That question has plagued my boss over @ Tonight At Dawn for decades. I read once that the explanation is related to linguistics, but the “adult” words in the article bored me and I was never able to satiate her curiosity. Regardless of the reason, all theContinue reading “Royal Blood Without the Royal Tongue”

Get On Your Dancing Shoes-Basement Jaxx- Junto

Joe K. Whenever I think of BASEMENT JAXX, the first thing that comes to mind (other than half of the parties I went to in high school) is the cover artwork of “Rooty”. The branch-chomping gorilla seems to be burned into my subconscious forever. Their music is just as unforgettable. Felix Buxton and Simon RatcliffeContinue reading “Get On Your Dancing Shoes-Basement Jaxx- Junto”

Belly Up To The Bar With Joe Purdy- Eagle Rock Fire

Joe Purdy is as reliable as gravity; just as one will surely make you fall, the other will sing a song that will make you as depressed as any fictional Disney donkey could. Yes, country/folk star Joe Purdy is back with his 13th album (his first in almost 4 years), Eagle Rock Fire. The manContinue reading “Belly Up To The Bar With Joe Purdy- Eagle Rock Fire”

New Music King of New Orleans: Benjamin Booker

To these ears, newcomer Benjamin Booker sounds like 25 year old working on a 45 year smoking habit.  On his debut album, the New Orleans native harkens back to the days when Southern roots rock was king, packing in plenty of the bluesy twang, gospel, and guitar tones that Jack White loves so much. Benjamin Booker leaves usContinue reading “New Music King of New Orleans: Benjamin Booker”

The Future Is Older Than The Past: How To Dress Well

Text by Joe K. How To Dress Well is ‘Renaissance man’ Tom Krell; he is working on a philosophy doctorate by day and swooning the pants off of the ladies by night with his brand of electro-RnB.  His third album, What Is This Heart?, came out late June. His late 80’s/early 90’s R&B influences burstsContinue reading “The Future Is Older Than The Past: How To Dress Well”