Tokyo, Unsigned

Text and photos by Kimberly Cecchini In a city of many signs, there was no sign. In Manhattan’s East Village, no sign is a sign in itself. On foreign soil, I’m not sure if by following the man in dark clothes on this darker street up a dark stairwell is a sign that we stumbledContinue reading “Tokyo, Unsigned”

Langstrasse – Has Zurich’s Red Light Been Replaced?

Text and Photos by Kimberly Cecchini Langstrasse is German for “Long Street” and that it is. Of course, yours truly, hoofed it. Every metropolis has its dark underbelly, and Langstrasse is, or at least was, Zurich’s. Once known as the red light district, travel sites now hail it as a Swiss Brooklyn (which really drivesContinue reading “Langstrasse – Has Zurich’s Red Light Been Replaced?”