How safe is the water?

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Upside Down!

IMG_1879Text & Photos by K. Cecchini   @tonightatdawn

Your Adventure Goddess keeps raising the bar on fun for the ladies! The last date was an aerial dance & fitness adventure at Sukah Arts Center in North Jersey; all of the women laughed, bonded and discovered new abilities with the support of suspended silks, an energetic teacher and each other.

Bettina Peets of Adventure Goddess invites local ladies to let down their hair at the meet and greet tomorrow in Montclair’s Pig & Prince Restaurant & Gastrolounge during happy hour. Click on the flier below to sign up in advance and bring a friend; it will be a great opportunity to meet other adventure-minded women and hear about the upcoming grown-up playdates for women.

Photos from the Aerial Dance event:


Bettina Peets, Your Adventure Goddess

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Enter…Your Adventure Goddess!

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini   @tonightatdawn

Your Adventure Goddess is grown-up play dates for women who say YES to fun!

At the official launch party on Saturday, founder Bettina Peets invoked the need for women to seek a reprieve from the demands of our daily lives, “We say ‘yes’ to so many things everyday; our kids, work…sometimes, we need to say ‘yes’ to ourselves”. We also are often lacking a sense of community as we get entrapped by all of our demands.

Adventure Goddess is the antidote we need! With her ease of spirit, outgoing personality and fabulous ideas, she already fostered a community amongst the women at the launch party. This first adventure was at a rock climbing gym and a few minutes in, she had broken the ice amongst strangers and we were cheering each other on as we literally scaled new heights.


Afterwards, we joined together in celebration of the new venture and of the new community. We may have been physically tired, but we were elated from enjoying a new experience with new and old friends.

Climbing the walls was just the beginning; Your Adventure Goddess welcomes all women who say ‘yes’ to fun because, as Peets says, “Fun is the New Black!”

We are all anticipating our next triumph…belly dancing! To join this North Jersey/New York adventure group, visit:

Facebook: Your Adventure Goddess

Instagram: Your_Adventure_Goddess

Your Adventure Goddess tackling the wall.
Your Adventure Goddess tackling the wall.