Editorial: #Love&Marriage

Mike Huckabee responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage with this gem; he said, “The Supreme Court can no more repeal the laws of nature and nature’s God on marriage than it can the law of gravity.” Whether you believe in a creator or not, it is fantastical to equate the laws of physics with an institutionContinue reading “Editorial: #Love&Marriage”

DUMBO Art Fest: A Playground of Light

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn The DUMBO art festival at night never fails to be a playground of vivid lights so it seems appropriate to share a series of images from last Friday night in Brooklyn. Please visit Tonight at Dawn in a couple of days for an interview with one of theContinue reading “DUMBO Art Fest: A Playground of Light”

People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters

@tonightatdawn With 400,000 marchers in New York and hundreds of thousands of voices around the world the cry for climate justice is not just an East/West Coast liberal move. I met Kentuckians concerned about mountaintop removal for coal mining and Evangelicals seeking to protect what they see as god’s creation. In addition, I saw andContinue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters”

People’s Climate March: Part 2: The South Bronx to Bangladesh

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn 310,000 marchers strong in NYC alone, the People’s Climate March was way more than the sum of “tree-huggers” in tie-dye and Crocs. Stretching organizer’s dreams, the Marchers lined up along Central Park West for 33 city blocks and the diverse group represented nearly every corner of our nationContinue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 2: The South Bronx to Bangladesh”

The People’s Climate March: Part 1: Mary Robinson (UN Envoy)

Text and Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn “We can’t do business as usual with a little bit of green attached,” the first female president of Ireland said during the media’s 15 minute playdate with notable figures at the People’s Climate March. Ms. Mary Robinson emphasized that it makes economic sense for every government to makeContinue reading “The People’s Climate March: Part 1: Mary Robinson (UN Envoy)”

Focused on the Backyard: Rowing Through NYC’s Central Park

Text & Photos by Kimberly Cecchini Central Park is an outdoor getaway for New Yorkers. I hesitate, though, to call it an oasis; it’s difficult to actually escape the crowds, and sorry, folks, the tourists. But its’ spacious enough that we don’t have to elbow our way through it like Times Square. Maybe just dodge a bicyclist or two.Continue reading “Focused on the Backyard: Rowing Through NYC’s Central Park”

Focused on the Backyard: Local NYC-A Quick Tour

Text and Images by Kimberly Cecchini Originally published on Economydecoded.com “Is Brooklyn in the house?!” An MC cries in the mic and the Brooklynites put their fists in the air, yelp and yell their attendance. The MC then calls for people from Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx to show their love. After New Jerseyans claimContinue reading “Focused on the Backyard: Local NYC-A Quick Tour”

NYC Considers Ban on Plastic Bags

Text and photos by Kimberly Cecchini-originally posted on The Capital Press. Plastic bags are like leaves; rustling on the ground, adorning tree branches and floating through air and water. In fact, plastic bags float so far from our hands that many have accumulated into a ‘Giant Vortex’ in the Pacific Ocean. Commonly referred to asContinue reading “NYC Considers Ban on Plastic Bags”

Focused on the Backyard: Local NYC-High Line Park

Photos by Kimberly Cecchini The High Line Park is not only a tourist destination, but indeed a coveted spot for locals as well with great views of the city. It is a repurposed elevated rail line that stretches along the west side of Manhattan.