365 Dawns

Tonight at Dawn just reached its 1st year anniversary and 200th article on Sunday (2.22: “Tonight at Noon“). To celebrate, we are presenting our largest (& favorite) milestones from the last 365 days. Thanks for taking the ride and stay with us as we evolve! Tonight at Dawn: Favorite Posts by the Month 2014 February: TaD’sContinue reading “365 Dawns”

Ford’s Dirty Laundry

Indigenous representatives from around the world brought their environmental concerns to the Climate Change March in New York this past September. I will admit my own ignorance to the environmental issues that the Ramapough Lenape have been experiencing just beyond New York City. One of the greatest hazards the tribe has been facing is theContinue reading “Ford’s Dirty Laundry”

Pentagon Identifies Climate Change as Threat (…Shocker)

Text by K. Cecchini According to his Department, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel identified climate change as a threat at the Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas today in Peru. Hagel asserted that climate change is likely to aggravate present issues such as infectious diseases, drought and failure which can be a slippery slopeContinue reading “Pentagon Identifies Climate Change as Threat (…Shocker)”

People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters

@tonightatdawn With 400,000 marchers in New York and hundreds of thousands of voices around the world the cry for climate justice is not just an East/West Coast liberal move. I met Kentuckians concerned about mountaintop removal for coal mining and Evangelicals seeking to protect what they see as god’s creation. In addition, I saw andContinue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 4: In Bold Letters”

People’s Climate March: Part 3- Now what?

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn Did our global leaders in government and business hear the cry of hundreds of thousands throughout the world on Sunday? For the opening of the Climate Summit on Tuesday, May Boeve, 350.org executive director, issued the following: “Sunday’s climate march should be a wake up call to politicians.Continue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 3- Now what?”

People’s Climate March: Part 2: The South Bronx to Bangladesh

Text & Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn 310,000 marchers strong in NYC alone, the People’s Climate March was way more than the sum of “tree-huggers” in tie-dye and Crocs. Stretching organizer’s dreams, the Marchers lined up along Central Park West for 33 city blocks and the diverse group represented nearly every corner of our nationContinue reading “People’s Climate March: Part 2: The South Bronx to Bangladesh”

The People’s Climate March: Part 1: Mary Robinson (UN Envoy)

Text and Photos by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn “We can’t do business as usual with a little bit of green attached,” the first female president of Ireland said during the media’s 15 minute playdate with notable figures at the People’s Climate March. Ms. Mary Robinson emphasized that it makes economic sense for every government to makeContinue reading “The People’s Climate March: Part 1: Mary Robinson (UN Envoy)”