Art & Prozac

Painting  by Steve Kelly. ‘Self-Portrait’ (2013) uses Steve Kelly’s characteristic big brush strokes. Steve Kelly & Joseph Palestina bring a forum for younger artists to Basemeant Wrx today. Owner Aimee Danchise said,”Montclair is just bleeding artists that have nowhere to go.” Today, they do.  For more information, view the article here.

Viral Verse #1 

Text by K. Cecchini  Scramble up boxcars Fleshed pressed to La Bestia  Full moon shanks refuge.  ➡️Viral Verse is poetry about current events and issues. This particular one was inspired by various segments on Central American immigrants’ treacherous route including a podcast from Radio Amublante and Vice’s HBO show.  

Shutter INK #1

Your Input Here. We are going to post a daily image and ask YOU to provide the caption; a phrase, a sentence, paragraph, story, poem…it’s yours. The following day, underneath the new image, we will share a choice caption from our readers for the previous day’s image.

¿Estás ahí, Dios?

¿Estás ahí, Dios? Soy yo. What is heaven but an aging collection of Saturday Evening Post clippings and pages ripped from old Vogue magazines? ¿Estás ahí, Dios? Quizás. What is the soul but a collision of atoms; the periodic table giving birth to a carnival on an infinite loop. By Kimberly Cecchini