Courtney Barnett

***Opinions in this article are those of @KralTunes, and not necessarily shared by Tonight At Dawn*** Courtney Barnett is the type of artist that is rarely seen around these musical parts these days: a clever lyricist with an actual message to convey. Her newest album, Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit, has beenContinue reading “Courtney Barnett”

Broken Fires-Out Of The Woods

Text by KralTunes    @KralTunes WOOHOO!! My first requested review!  To be honest, it’s a little nerve-racking. What if it’s crap…what am I supposed to do then?!  I mean, do I tell these people that they are wasting their time with this music endeavor and should find real, honest work, like dashing people’s dreams as a critic?!?! Fortunately,Continue reading “Broken Fires-Out Of The Woods”

Milo, A Toothpaste Suburb

Text by KralTunes Lets play a game…you drop as many pop culture references from the past 20 years as you possible can, and we’ll see if you can match the amount delivered by our own Milo on A Toothpaste Suburb. I know who I’m putting my money on. Immediately, I can tell Milo is notContinue reading “Milo, A Toothpaste Suburb”

Weezer Comes Alive

Text by @KralTunes Picture it: Small town, U.S.A., 2014 – a young aspiring music journalist is rocking back and forth on the porch, musing about what he should critique next.  As he sips form his frosty glass on this early fall evening,  he thinks to himself, “Been quiet around these parts…almost…too quiet.  Feels like we areContinue reading “Weezer Comes Alive”

Gazelle Twin Provides the Chills with “Unflesh”

Normally I am a fan of dark and bizarre music.  However, Elizabeth Bernholz (AKA, Gazelle Twin) is a British musician who frankly scares me just a wee little bit. UNFLESH is the sonic equivalent of a violent assault; a soundscape dominated by electronic buzzing and industrial beats, but there’s something more…troubling…lying just underneath the surface. Opener “Unflesh”Continue reading “Gazelle Twin Provides the Chills with “Unflesh””


Text by Joe K. Aaaahh, another dream pop, trip hop review…I seem to be falling into a trend here lately.  Banks is actually Jillian Banks, an alternative RnB artist who has recently toured with the Weeknd. Much like How To Dress Well or FKA Twigs, Banks offers morose, late night beats – albeit murkier andContinue reading “Banks-Goddess”

Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide

Text by Joe K. This is gonna be short and sweet — mainly ’cause my frustration is such that I don’t know if I could maintain my composure throughout the entire review. Ahem, here we go… DELTA SPIRIT is a band, a pretty good band in fact.  So it would make sense that their newContinue reading “Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide”

Get On Your Dancing Shoes-Basement Jaxx- Junto

Joe K. Whenever I think of BASEMENT JAXX, the first thing that comes to mind (other than half of the parties I went to in high school) is the cover artwork of “Rooty”. The branch-chomping gorilla seems to be burned into my subconscious forever. Their music is just as unforgettable. Felix Buxton and Simon RatcliffeContinue reading “Get On Your Dancing Shoes-Basement Jaxx- Junto”

Ariana Grande- My Everything (My Jumping The Shark Moment)

Written by Joe K. This is a test……this is only a test. Ever since I started writing music reviews, I have stuck to music genres within my realm of interest. So in an attempt to spread my wings, I decided to write about something not in my wheelhouse. (If I am anything, it’s adventurous..just askContinue reading “Ariana Grande- My Everything (My Jumping The Shark Moment)”

The Future Is Older Than The Past: How To Dress Well

Text by Joe K. How To Dress Well is ‘Renaissance man’ Tom Krell; he is working on a philosophy doctorate by day and swooning the pants off of the ladies by night with his brand of electro-RnB.  His third album, What Is This Heart?, came out late June. His late 80’s/early 90’s R&B influences burstsContinue reading “The Future Is Older Than The Past: How To Dress Well”